The Thomson miniatures are painted by Edward Savage and the Haskell pictures are painted by Charles Fraser.  Charlotte Thomson Haskell is the daughter of William Thomson and Eugenia Russell Thomson and that is the source of my middle name.  I am the fourth great grandchild of William Thomson & Eugenia Russell and thereby the third great grandchild of Col. Elnathan Haskell and Charlotte Thomson. 

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Mr. Haskell,
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For an article that discusses the miniature "craze" view the following "Miniature Mania" link at the Yale Art Museum: Yale Art Gallery's Miniature Mania

Please note that the museum has also acquired a portrait of Mrs. Langdon Cheves (Mary Elizabeth Dulles) who was to become the mother-in-law of Elnathan's son, Charles Thomson Haskell (also Tom's Great Great Great Grandmother):

"Edward Greene Malbone (American, 1777-1807)
Watercolor on ivory
A gift of Leonora Cheves Brockington, the portrait of Mrs. Langdon Cheves (Mary Elizabeth Dulles) ca. 1806, is an excellent example of Edward Greene Malbone's skill as America's most outstanding miniature portrait painter, a reputation he garnered during his short lifetime. Leaving his native Newport, RI, in 1794, Malbone initiated a career which took him to the major east coast cities of Providence, Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Charleston. Among his friends and admirers were Washington Allston, with whom he traveled to London, and Charles Fraser (two of the portraits above are by Fraser) who wrote a moving obituary for Malbone when he died prematurely in Savannah."   From the Gibbes website: 
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