Tom Haskell, Class of ‘66

Left Omaha on a rainy Friday morning.



Intersection of I-480 and I-80, Omaha.


Crossed the Rio Grande River flying over New

Mexico en route to my transfer in Phoenix.


Rio Grande River




Phoenix, Arizona


Wasn’t that much later before the plane was over California.

          Mt. San Jacinto, California


Visited Cal Poly and found a parking garage where our tennis courts used to be.

Cal Poly looking toward Bishop’s



On Friday night there was an informal “kick-off” and get together at Pete’s Southside Café at 1815 Osos Street, San Luis Obispo.  The food was great but seeing former classmates was better.


Tom Patterson


Cathy (Navoni) LeMoine, Carol (Wolverton) Allen, and

Patti (Sousa) Fairbanks


Katchy (Normand) Andrews, Buzz and Sandy Eyler, and Danny L. Sherwin


There was also time to visit Morro Bay and Montana de Oro (see title picture, too).



Montana de Oro


 Stopped in Shell Beach prior to the Saturday night activities.

George and Susan Andrews, Buzz and Sandy Eyler, Katchy Andrews, and Tom Haskell


Los Osos Valley Flower Seed Fields


Shell Beach Houses


Ocean View near Pirate’s Cove, Shell Beach


America West flight to Phoenix from San Luis Obispo Airport

All too soon it was time to head home.  Unfortunately these pleasant events were soon overshadowed by the September 11th events in New York City and Washington DC.  I trust that friendships, good company, and the good life of the Central Coast are more enduring.

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Cal Poly symbol


 “P” Mountain is still there.



Mary (Dailey) and David Hansen



Mark Collins




Saturday morning there was time to visit Avila Beach -- has been changed due to clean-up of oil leakage.




Avila Beach


Saturday night’s events were held at the Varian Ranch Clubhouse at 8250 Orcutt Road in the Edna Valley.


Tom Haskell, Martha (Harris) Lyons, Mary (Dailey) Hansen, Susan (Darway) Wisberg, & Cindy (Arey) Lewis



Susan (Preston) Cuttriss and Laura Cotner

 Sunday morning there was time for sightseeing at Shell Beach where there are some new houses.  Before going to Shell Beach bought a newspaper to see how the Nebraska Cornhuskers defeated Notre Dame and took some photographs of flower fields in the Los Osos Valley.


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s house under construction.


Big changes have occurred around San Luis Obispo in the Edna Valley.  Lots of grapes have been planted and high quality vineyards have emerged.  The picture below was taken from the Edna Valley Winery tasting room.


Edna Valley looking toward San Luis Obispo


Crossing the California-Arizona border.