The reunion was held at the Ferncroft Sheraton in Danvers, Massachusetts with excursions on the North Shore. Over 100 attended over the course of the two days. Thomas Langdon Haskell was the banquet speaker.

A larger collection of reunion photos is available at the following link: Webshots Post Reunion pictures are also available.

Tom Haskell (Charles Thomson Haskell) confers with Tom Haskell (Thomas Langdon Haskell). Both are descendants of Elnathan Haskell whose son was the first Charles Thomson Haskell who married Sophia Lovell Cheves. Her father was Langdon Cheves so both Toms have names that originate from this time period.

A highlight of the first day's tour was a visit to the Peabody Museum in Salem. Half of the participants toured the museum and the other half toured historic houses (pictured right).

Gloucester City Hall roof line and waiting on the tour bus (Ben Haskell, Terri & Porter Davis).

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